Model: TFB65LZB

Cooking capacity: 646 sq. in.

Pellet hopper capacity: 18 lbs.

Height: 49 in.   Width: 54 in. Depth: 22 in.

Weight: 125 lbs.

Model: TFB30LVB

Cooking capacity: 300 sq. in.

Pellet hopper capacity: 8 lbs.

Height: 36 in.   Width: 37 in. Depth: 18 in.

Weight: 62 lbs.

Traeger BBQ Wood Pellets

Smokin Brothers Traditional "24"

The “24” Traditional is the perfect size for the medium size family. All of grills come standard with automatic ignition therefore no more hassle with charcoal and gas. You will never miss a moment with the family because of having to babysit the grill.

Cooking Surface: 646 sq. inches

Weight 145 lbs

Smokin Brothers Traditional "30"

The “30” BBQ grill gives the added space for a large family or the person who takes barbequing very seriously.This grill allows for plenty of room for the main and course and side dishes to be cooked at the same time.

Cooking Surface: 792 sq. inches

Weight 160 lbs

Smokin Brothers Premier "24"

The Premier Model “24” comes standard with insulated fire boxes, four multidirectional casters and the convenience of a built in work surface with the front loading hopper design.The “24” is a great cooking grill for all type of events. 

Cooking Surface: 646 sq. inches

 Weight 175 lbs

Smokin Brothers Premier "30"

We are proud to introduce the newest addtion to our Grill Family.  The Smokin Brothers Premier "30" with all the same standard features as our Premier "24" & Premier "36" Grills with insulated fire boxes, four multidirectional casters and the convenience of a built in work surface with the front loading hopper design.  

 Cooking Surface: 792 sq. inches

 Weight 205 lbs

100% Pure Wood Pellets

No “filler” or “base” wood, chemicals, binding agents or other contaminants are used in the manufacturing of Smokin Brothers Premium Pure Wood pellets.  Our Quality pellets are produced to exact density specifications enabling them to burn efficiently delivering rich natural flavor. Unblended means 100% of the flavor you choose. It is up to you to mix and blend the varieties. When we say “Pure Hickory” it is 100% hickory. Try the different flavors for yourself. 

Pure Apple
Pure Cherry
Pure Hickory
Pure Mesquite
Pure Oak

The Jim Bowie WiFi Model comes with a digital WiFi controller (control and monitor through our iOS or Android mobile application), a meat probe, a peaked lid for stand-up chicken/large fowl/rib racks, a convenience tray with utensil hooks, hard rubber tires, and a venturi-style firebox for cyclone combustion. It also has Sense-Mate, a thermal sensor which constantly monitors the ambient temperature. When the weather gets cold, the sensor kicks the grill into Turbo mode, so you don’t have to wait long for the grill to heat up! Other features include a positive pressure hopper fan to prevent burn-back, “fan only” mode with automatic shut-off to blow ash out of the firebox after you finish grilling, a 40×16 (Approx 640 sq. in.) cooking surface, and 13.5” clearance inside. It weighs 185 pounds.

Available options include a stainless steel no-warp lid, form-fitted grill cover, and a dome thermometer.


Technical Specs

  • Voltage: 110V

  • Wattage: 240W start, 60W continual

  • Weight: 185 LBS

  • Dimensions: 51”H x 70”W x 24”D

  • Surface Cooking Area: 658 sq in.

  • Auger Motor RPM: 4.7~5.2

  • Fan Motor RPM: 0.45A; 4100 RPM

  • Grease Tray: 12 Gauge Steel

  • Lid: 13 Gauge Steel

  • SS Lid: 14 Gauge Steel

  • Body: 14 Gauge Steel

  • Igniter: 110V; 240W

  • Igniter (Hot Rod) Diameter: 0.625 inches

  • Height of Cooking Surface to Lid: 13.5 inch clearance

  • Hopper Capacity (LBS of pellets): 17 LBS

If we don't have what you need in stock, we can get it! Just call (863) 467-4620 to order. 

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We carry Traeger Apple, Traeger Hickory, Traeger Mesquite, Smokin Brothers Pure Mesquite, Smokin Brothers Pure Cherry, Smokin Brothers Pure Apple, Smokin Brothers Pure Hickory, Smokin Brothers Pure Oak, and Green Mountain Grills Premium Fruitwood Blend Pellets. 

Seasoning & Sauces

We carry Head Country Original BBQ Sauce, Head Country Original Seasoning, Head Country High Plains Heat Seasoning, Head Country All Purpose Marinade, Smokin Brothers Original Hickory BBQ Sauce, Louisiana Grills Original BBQ Sauce, John Henry's East Texas Brisket Rub, John Henry's East Texas City Market Seasoning, John Henry's Texas Pig Rub, John Henry's Sugar Maple Rub and many others! 

Grill Covers

We have Traeger and Louisiana Grill Covers to protect your new grill from the weather!

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